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Introducing InstaPost V1.2, Now You Can Automatically Assign Proxy Feature

Introducing InstaPost v1.2, Now You Can Automatically Assign Proxy Feature

We are glad to introduce InstaPost v1.2 and below are the features of the new version

  • New Feature for Admin User Management
  • Automatucally Assign Proxy Feature
  • Automatically Unfollow by specified period of time
  • Transfer session from File to Database Feature
  • Fixed Unfollow error
  • Fixed Repost Schedule error
  • Fixed Automatic Direct Message Limit
  • Fixed Duplicate log
  • Fixed Duplicate Message
  • Add new feature coupon
  • Add new feature like + follow
  • Add new option for unfollow
  • Add new feature backlist for activity
  • Fixed problem for post video
  • Fixed problem for filters
  • Fixed problem for turn off Register tab

Now, you have the power to enjoy more of Insta post for your Instagram automation

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