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All Instagram Marketing Tools at Your Fingertips, Auto Posting, Auto Liking and Auto Commenting, Auto Follow, Auto Follow Back and Auto Unfollow, Auto Repost, and Instagram Download, Drive More Sales and Attracts More Followers, Grow Your Followers, Plan Your Schedule and Your Goals, Increase Engagements on Your Account, Get Started Today

Easiest Way to Reach 100 Million Instagram Followers

Insta Post is a very powerful Instagram marketing automation tool which helps you to automate all your Instagram activities from posting, commenting, auto likes, following, unfollow, follow back, reposting media activities on autopilot

This tool was developed and managed by Insta Post Team to make sure you get the right tools needed to grow your Instagram account automatically. We are aware of the trend of social media marketing hence the need to create an easy to use tool with affordable prices that will help you succeed with your Instagram marketing.  We assure you that InstaPost is the best Instagram marketing tool for you and your business needs.

Powerful Tool to Gram Smartly
Amazing Features For Your Business

Instagram Auto Post

Auto Posting of Photo, Story Photos and Videos

Instagram Auto Like

Auto Liking of Photo, Story Photos and Videos

Instagram Auto Comment

Auto Comment on Photos and Videos Stories

Auto Follow

Attract More Followers With Ease

Auto Follow Back

Easily Follow Back Your Followers

Auto Unfollow

Auto Unfollow Any User With Ease

Instagram Auto Direct Message

Automate Your Direct Messages

Auto Download

Auto Downloading of Photos and Videos

Multi Users

Multi Instagram Accounts

Multi Language

Available in Over 100 Language

Instagram Search

Search Anything on Instagram

Instagram Data Scraper

Extract Any Data From Instagram

Account Statistics

Detailed Statistics of Your Account Activities

Friendly Pricing

Affordable Monthly Pricing

24/7/365 Support

Friendly and Top Notch Support

What InstaPost Can Do

01. Instagram Auto Posting

Auto Post On Your Instagram Accounts with Instapost. Schedule your post on multi Instagram accounts once when you go offline. You can post photo, story photo and videos with the ability to preview post before posting or scheduling. This feature supports a lot of great emojis.

Post filtering options like hashtags, usernames, feed timeline and locations to ensure you reach the target markets in a specific location. Free subscription is limited to one Instagram account while multi accounts are available for paid subscribers

02. Instagram Auto Like

InstaPost Auto likes feature lets you like your followers photos and video posts. You can also schedule automatic likes whenever they update their timeline.

This also works for Instagram business pages purposely created for marketing purpose to increase engagement and attract more followers who are interested in your products

03. Auto Commenting

Do you know one of the guaranteed means of promoting your products is via comments? InstaPost will automatically handle the stress of posting comments to multiple Instagram accounts by scheduling your comments on multiple posts with just a click. Increase engagements on your account by commenting on the post of others on auto pilot

Instagrab will do the commenting activities for you round the clock even when you are offline

04. Auto Follow, Auto Unfollow and Auto Follow Back

Instagram Auto follow is a powerful and easy to use feature which lets you follow hundreds of Instagram users at once without stress. It is not left there, InstaPost would also handle your follow back activities on auto pilot. This is a great tool to grow your followers without stress

If you think there is need to unfollow some users you already following, the instagram auto unfollow feature will ensure you get this done in less than a minute. With all these unique features brought to you by Instapost, your account will attract more valuable followers

05. Instagram Auto Repost and Media Activities

Reposting media activities on Instagram has never been like this easier. Repost or regram your favourite photo or video to your followers automatically and your account will never become idle.

InstaPost will also delete your photos and videos for you automatically

06. Instagram Auto Direct Message

The auto direct message feature helps you auto send messages to those you are following and your followers. Add and schedule messages and the system will help you send the messages automatically.

Do you want to send updates about your existing product or promote your new products to your followers? This tool will make sure your messages get across to those you are following and your followers

07. Instagram Data Scraper

As a social media marketer whose specialization is Instagram marketing, then this is one tool you’ll be needing to run your campaigns.

Instagram data scraper tool can be used to get keywords by hashtags, username, account categories, and locations. You can extract thousands of Instagram user’s account emails, phone numbers, website and address based on your keyword search.

08. Free Instagram Media Download

Download any photo or video on Instagram for free.

All you need to do is to enter the photo or video ID or the media URL to start downloading

09. Import Image and Video

One of the unique features of InstaPost is the ability to import images and videos from Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, mobile device and PC and post directly to your Instagram accounts automatically

10. Very Safe to Use

InstaPost is very safe to use with proxy support, friendly post timing and timezone support. You have the option to set the rate at which your account performs the automation activities.

Affordable Pricing

Free Trial
3 days
1 Instagram Account
Auto Post
Auto Direct Message
Auto Like
Auto Comment
Auto Follow
Auto Unfollow
Auto Follow Back
Repost Media
Delete Media
Instagram Scraper
Instagram Download

1 Instagram Account
Auto Post
Auto Direct Message
Auto Like
Auto Comment
Auto Follow
Auto Unfollow
Auto Follow Back
Repost Media
Delete Media
Instagram Scraper
Instagram Download

20 Instagram Account
Auto Post
Auto Direct Message
Auto Like
Auto Comment
Auto Follow
Auto Unfollow
Auto Follow Back
Repost Media
Delete Media
Instagram Scraper
Instagram Download

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Connect My Instagram Account to InstaPost?

Connecting your Instagram account to Instapost tool is as easy as taking coffee, you only need your username and password to connect to InstaPost

Is My Instagram Account Safe From Getting Flagged?

We are also aware of the danger of using auto posting services and we have put some safety measures in place to ensure you don’t get flagged but using InstaPost incorrectly may suspect you to be a spammer and we always recommend our users not to use the service aggressively

Can I Use InstaPost Simultaneously on Multiple Accounts?

Yes, our service support scheduling of posts with multiple accounts saved on the system simultaneously without any hassle. Note that, the free package support only one Instagram account, to use multiple account, see our pricing table

Does InstaPost Sell Instagram Followers and Likes?

No, we don’t offer such service as it is against the terms and conditions of Instagram. You can use our tool to increase engagement on your account and grow your followers easily

Why is Hashtag and Location Not Working For Me?

Please be informed that the hashtag and location features are only available for paid plans, please upgrade your plan to enjoy these auto activity features.

UPDATE: The hashtag and location targeting features are now available for all users since the introduction of 3 days trial to test all the features of our app before upgrading to any of our premium plans

Can I Repost Videos ?

Yes, you can repost any type of media, be it photo or video

Do You Offer Free Trial?

Yes we offer a free 3 days trial for you to test all the features of our app. After the 3 days trial period, you will be required to upgrade to the any of the paid plans to continue enjoying our service. You can check out our pricing for more details

The Auto Activity Buttons Are Not Working

The auto activity function may not work if you are using the free plan, the features such as hashtag, location and comments are only available for paid plans

UPDATE: This limitation has been removed since the introduction of 3 days trial period for potential clients to test all the features of our app before upgrading to any of the paid plans

What Are The Post Types Supported?

You can post photos, story photos and videos and can as well download media files from Instagram either as a free trial user or premium users

Can I Set Automation Speed?

You have the option to select the speed at which a specific feature of Instapost can function. Below are various options available

  • Very Slow – 24 Requests Daily
  • Slow – 48 Requests Daily
  • Medium – 72 Requests Daily
  • Fast – 96 Requests Daily
  • Very Fast – 120 Requests Daily
  • Auto (From Very Slow to Fast)

We recommend not to go too fast to avoid putting your Instagram account at risk of getting flagged

What is the Mode of Payments?

We support payment with stripe and paypal

Do You Offer Refund On Payment ?

No, we do not offer refund, please read our Terms of Service and Refund Policy before making decision on subscribing for our service

What Our Customers Are Saying?